All around the media the youth is gaining political power, influencing the decisions made by the leaders in a way that wasn’t believed to be possible.

All around the media the youth is gaining political power, influencing the decisions made by the leaders in a way that wasn’t believed to be possible. Nowadays, the youth wants to learn about the politics in their country, around the world and how they can influence it. But what kind of power do we possess and how strong is it?

Getting heard

Many main political parties are changing to respond to the growing number of young people who want to affect the political systems. The parties reform their ideologies to appeal to the youth, as they are their future voters. Now, many political parties promise solutions to the ongoing climate crisis or better funding for education. Whether these promises are held is an entirely different discussion, but what is important is that we are being heard.

Take for example Greta Thunberg. You have by now probably heard of her, since her name is everywhere, but take a second to ponder what she has created. This sixteen-years-old girl created an international movement all by herself, going against what people said wasn’t possible. She skipped school every Friday to fight for something that would affect her future in every way imaginable. Now the countries’ biggest leaders are listening to her requests of change. And this is what young people are doing all around the world, which is fighting for their future. In Hong Kong, students are protesting against the Extradition Law Amendment Bill (ELAB), which would consequently undermine the regions autonomy and the people’s civil liberties. In Chile, young people are protesting against the growing inequality and the dictatorship-era constitution, as well as demanding for state control and funding of public education. All around the world students are growing impatient and angry with the lack of effort that is being put in to meet their demands and there is nothing that will pacify them.

Become active

So, you might be thinking, sure I am angry and I want change, but the world is so large, and I am just one person, how am I supposed to influence the powerful leaders and their politics? Firstly, demonstrating for what you believe is a great way to start. If more people demonstrate for a cause, it gains more traction and subsequently, lands in the media. This leads me to my second point, influence politics through the media. This helps send your message around the globe, gaining you more support for the cause you fight for. Through social media you can educate people on a whole other level, through informative posts, reports, articles or videos. You can also start your own group and try to make change happen in your local community. Not only young people should take action, but older people too. Teachers should educate the children on the political systems and how politics work. Also, country leaders should encourage the youth to participate in political acts, like voting or even working in a political position.

Whatever action you make, no matter how small, it matters. One person can open a floodgate of change by the actions they take, through the influence they have. It is only important that we educate ourselves and others about politics, so we can be in charge of our future.

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