How the companies and governments manipulate everyone else. Individuals are not the ones to blame at all.

Whenever you look at the news, go on social media or just go to the supermarket climate change is always a subject that is prioritised. It’s caused by many different factors, for example green house gases in the atmosphere, deforestation, rice cultivation and many other human activities.

We always hear tips on how to minimize our economic footprint and how to save the environment by reusing and recycling things. But how much of a difference does it all make?

Demonstrant*innen von Fraidays for Future halten Schilder in die Luft. Auf einem im Vordergrund steht "Climate Action Now".
Demonstrant*innen bei einer Demonstration von Fridays for Future

It is all about the money and reputation

Lately there has been more and more conversations about how soon climate change will be irreversible, but as we’re living while the change is happening, there aren’t any numbers which are one hundred percent definite. The numbers given, range from five to eleven years. By then any change won’t make a difference anymore. These numbers have caused panic and fear of what is about to happen and one naturally asks oneself how one can prevent this crisis.

The problem is that even though we as society can change a lot most of the power and fault lies in big companies. Seventy-one percent, to be exact, of emissions are fault of a total of ninety to one hundred companies. This means that these individual companies are responsible for almost three quarters of all global emissions. It is almost crazy to think that our political systems support them, but they do. These companies, as for example Shell, benefit from the capitalistic system and do everything to maintain it by “donating” millions to lawmakers, who will make sure these companies will stay in power and will keep being able to earn billions while also destroying our planet.

Political change for lasting climate change

As an individual it is important to make sure that you don’t keep the heat on while having an open window, to not eat as much meat, to not eat tomatoes from Spain in January, to not use as much plastic and to not travel as much with cars, planes and big cruise ships. We have to all be conscious and think of the future.

But it is also important to know that a large percentage of human-related greenhouse gas emissions are caused by big companies. And that these companies are being supported by our government, which still isn’t up to date with new science.

„To truly make a change it is important to force political change!“

Maxine Katz, die Autorin

To truly make a change it is important to force political change, so that new policies regarding big companies will be developed to make sure that this climate crisis can be prevented, stopped or at least haltered.

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